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Olymberyl (Multifuel Stoves)

Olymberyl Multifuel Stoves guarantee power and quality. Competing with the fluctuations in energy prices, Olymberyl Multifuel Stoves provide a reliable and highly efficient energy source to heat your home.

Olymberyl StovesThe secondary air burning technology allows your stove to achieve optimum burning efficiency, while the air wash technology ensures a clear view of the fire.

The high quality cast iron construction ensures that the Olymberyl Multlifuel Stove will be part of your home for many years.


GABRIEL Multifuel  6.5KW Stove
The Gabriel is the smallest stove in The Olymberyl Stove Collection, This stove is ideal to heat the normal size living/sitting room areas. With primary and secondary air controls, it provides a very efficient form of heat, Boiler model available suitable for providing good source of hot water.
• Full Cast Iron Construction
• Matt black or Enamel black finish
• Boiler model» heats hot water (indirectly)
• High Output 6,5kw to room
• Clear Glass with Air Wash provided
• Overnight/long-term burning facility
• Top or rear flue outlet
• Flue diameter» 125mm
• Shorter legs available (see C)
• Spare Parts readily available





Olive/Victoria Multifuel Stove


The Olive is the medium size boiler mode! stove in the Olymberyi Stove Collection. The boiler model Olive is on ideal stove tor the smaller type home with capacity to heat 5-6 radiators. The non boiler Victoria model provides a great heat output to the room.
• Full Cast Iron Construction
• Matt Plack or Enamel black finish
• Boiler model heats 5-6 radiators
• Clear glass with Air Wash provided
• Overnight/long-term burning facility
• Top or rear flue outlet
• Diameter of flue » 150mm (6″)
Aidan  Multifuel Stove
The Aidan is the largest of all the Olymberyl Stoves, Its high quality Cast Iron Construction ensures good heat output to the room and good heat retention. The boiler model heats 12 radiators and provides a great source ot hot water. The primary and secondary air controls on the Aidan allow the individual to produce a level of heat that suits their requirements.
• Matt Black or Enamel Black Finish
• Boiler model or Non Boiler Model
• High Output Boiler > Heats 12 radiators
• 50,000 BTU to water and 20,000 BTU to room
• Overnight/Long-term burning Capacity
• Automatic Thermostatic control (Boiler Model)
• Clear gloss with air wash provided
• To or rear flue outlet
• Shorter legsavailable (see D)
• Spare parts ready available
• CE approved EN 13240